Pongamia (pongamia pinnata L.) is a leguminous evergreen tree that has traditionally grown wild in subtropical and tropical regions such as Thailand, Laos, Australia and Africa. It is highly expected to be one of the next-generation biomass fuels due to the high oil content of its seeds.


  • Oil production is 5-10 tons per hectare, which is superior to palm's 3.8 tons and jatropha's 1-2 tons.
  • It is resistant to harsh weather and soil conditions such as arid and salt-affected areas where common agricultural crops cannot thrive. It is also planted as tide barrier forest in some regions.
  • By symbiosis with rhizobium bacteria, it grows in wastelands, using nitrogen in the air as a nutrient source. The tree also fixes nitrogen into the ground, making it a highly effective soil improvement tree.
  • The life span of the tree is about 100 years, with a productive seed production period of 40-60 years.
  • The trees can be pruned and harvested by machinery, maintaining a healthy working environment even in large-scale agriculture.
  • As non-food plants planted on non-cultivated land, they do not compete with existing agriculture or food sources.
  • Can be used for afforestation and greening of degraded land, preventing the progression of desertification (ensuring environmental restoration) and create a sustainable natural environment.
  • Reduces atmospheric CO2 emissions by cultivating new trees in devastated areas where no trees grow.

Products from Pongamia


Oil can be pressed from seeds and used as fuel for diesel engine power generation, shipping, etc. It is also expected to be utilized as a raw material for sustainable aviation fuel (SAF).

Livestock feed, etc.

The pomace produced during oil extraction are a high-protein, high-carbohydrate biomass resource that can be used as a raw material for livestock feed, organic fertilizers, bioplastics, biocoke, and other products.

Other biomass resources

Husks and prunings can be processed into wood pellets and other biomass resources.

Products from Pongamia

* Values are weight ratios with 100% dry seed (with 10% moisture)

Products from Pongamia